A sampling of the projects from Javatec, Inc.  For a more complete list, see the history pdf.
Javatec developed a high accuracy Laboratory System (above left) that would measure yarn shrinkage after a treatment process to the nearest 0.01%.  This system applies a predetermined load, measured by a precision load cell.  When that exact load is reached, the unit stops and measures a precision digital encoder that was attached to a high accuracy ball screw assembly and the custom PC software converts this encoder value to percent shrinkage.  This unit employs a touch screen for all operator inputs and automatically prints a report when the test samples are complete.  The system is integrated into the customer's Quality Data Management System using Javatec programmers and customer network programming.
Recently Javatec developed a PC-based tester (pictured here) designed to test 2 different circuit boards in conjunction with each other.  One board is a control logic device and the other was a modem. The versatility of this tester is in the Plug-in test module.  For different boards, a different module would be required in addition to a different test program. A special card has been installed in the PC that provides 16 channels of 16-Bit Analog Data Input, 2 channels of Analog Data Output, 24 standard Digital I/O and 8 high current I/O.
The Traverse Positioning System (upper right) is a microprocessor controlled programmable digital positioning system that keeps a mechanical cam system in adjustment during the manufacturing of a beam (spool) of yarn. This is accomplished by accurately spinning the nut of a precision ball screw assembly with the stepper motor.
    Fray Tester
The Javatec Fray Tester (lower right) pulls yarn from a bobbin and accurately measures a 500-foot sample and detects any broken filaments (frays) within that length. Recently, Javatec redesigned the Fray Detector Head assembly in the Fray Tester that was originally conceived and manufactured in 1987 from an Analog device, using Photo Diodes and a significant amount of external circuitry to a State-of-the-Art Digital device using Fiber Optics.
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Sample Projects