Javatec, Inc. is a small manufacturing facility located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwest Virginia. We have been at this location since 1974, specializing in the Design and Fabrication of “Custom” Test, Monitoring and Control Systems. We have a very innovative team and can turn around a product in a short time period. We have adapted the motto “The difficult we can do immediately, but the impossible takes us a little longer!”
We use AutoCAD for most of our mechanical design functions; have access to Programmers with many years of experience in C++ and Visual Basic and several of us have been working with the IBM and similar type of Personal Computers, since their introduction in 1981. In addition, we have complete access to CNC machining and Laser metal cutting that we use extensively in all of our products. The files generated in AutoCAD can be sent directly to these machines to generate specific components of the overall System.
Javatec began in 1971 making sophisticated Testers for very specialized “Chip & Wire” Thick Film Hybrid Modules and in 1995 advanced to being a World Wide Manufacturer. We are currently supplying our customers with “Turn-Key” Systems, furnishing complete documentation, full installation, and the training of Operator and Maintenance Personnel at their facilities — “Hands-on training”.
We welcome a challenge and will respond promptly to your requests.
Javatec is located in the mountains of southwest Virginia. Our research and development facility is outfitted with the finest state of the art equipment.
Welcome to Javatec Incorporated
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